Held in our bright and airy upstairs Studio our Pilates classes are small and tailored to individual requirements.

All classes must be booked in advance to ensure that you attend the right class for your fitness level and Pilates experience.  We limit class numbers so booking is necessary to ensure you don’t miss out.

Prices start at £7 for a single session, then book your regular spot in your preferred class for £35 for six sessions(Holidays can be taken.)

Please Contact Kirsty to discuss your requirements

Our next Beginners courses start on Thursday 5th March & Thursday 23rd April at 11.15am, 4 weeks, £24.



12.15pm Mixed Ability  GOSFORTH

1.30pm Beginners GOSFORTH

1.15pm Beginners RYTON

2.30pm Mixed Ability  RYTON

 6pm Improvers  RYTON

7.15pm Intermediate  RYTON


2pm Mixed Ability  RYTON

6pm Improvers  RYTON

7.15pm Improvers  RYTON


9.30am Improvers  RYTON

12.45pm Beginners GOSFORTH

2pm Improvers GOSFORTH

6.45pm Mixed Ability  RYTON

8pm Improvers Plus RYTON


10am Beginners RYTON

11.15am NEW Beginners Course – STARTS 5 MARCH & 23 APRIL RYTON

10am Mixed Ability  GOSFORTH

11.15am Mixed Ability  GOSFORTH

5.30pm Beginners  RYTON

6.45pm Mixed Ability  RYTON


9.30am Yoga RYTON


9am Mixed Ability  RYTON

10am Improvers RYTON


10am Mixed Ability  RYTON


Our one to one sessions or private groups are perfect for those uncomfortable with larger group settings. Although our main classes are limited to 12 people – these sessions are great for those looking for a little more guidance on technique. If you’d like to know more, find out more here, or contact us for details.

Beginner Sessions

Our beginners course or class will teach you the techniques to get the most from Pilates. You will learn your ideal postural alignment, how to strengthen your core muscles & use them to support pelvic alignment and stability.

Improvers Classes

An improvers class is ideal if you have done Pilates before and want to progress. You will further develop your core strength and start to work other muscle groups in a greater variety of exercises. You still have the option to work at a lower level whenever you need to.

Intermediate Classes

An intermediate class includes more variations & challenging movements or longer sets of repetitions of familiar movements. The class aims for a ‘flowing’ continual routine to encourage greater stamina and concentration. You must have done Pilates before!

Mixed Ability

Our Mixed ability classes ensure everyone has a productive session but works at an appropriate level to accommodate current fitness or physical limitations. Open to beginners & experienced, participants will be offered variety of levels for each exercise.