You’re only as strong as your weakest link

Pilates is used by athletes from many different sports to help enhance athletic performance, improve technique and prevent injuries.  Strengthening the core stabilising muscles of the body, including the pelvic floor, deep abdominals, buttock muscles and the muscles that support the shoulder girdle and rotator cuff can help improve performance in your chosen sport.  In addition, Pilates exercises work on increasing flexibility of the most often overused larger, tighter, major muscle groups.

One of the most overlooked areas during training is the “core”. There are several layers of abdominal muscles all of which are targeted by Pilates. The buttock muscles are also very important in stabilising the pelvis particularly for running and cycling activities. Using your body’s core generates the real power in your push off, pedal stroke or pull through the water. Much of your energy comes from this area. By transferring that core energy to your extremities, you’ll get more power out of your stroke or stride.

Athletes are generally strong through larger muscle groups and weak through the smaller stabilising muscles, such as Transverse Abdominus, Pelvic floor. The core muscle groups will work synergistically to make the spine more supple. The tight muscles will lengthen and promote healthy blood circulation and lubrication to your joints, improving range of motion. Cardiovascular health will also be improved as the breathing technique utilised promotes healthy circulation throughout the whole body. A consistent Pilates routine will ensure that correct mobilisation also becomes an integral part of your training program, again essential for performance.

Joseph Pilates believed that every person is an athlete and we all have a right to be strong and healthy!

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