When you want to get fitter or lose weight you know that a balanced diet and regular exercise are essential. At ElementaryPILATES you will learn simple techniques to use everyday to support your health goals.

You can use Pilates techniques in other fitness classes and when you are at home, in the car, at work and even relaxing! Pilates is a low impact, easy to learn method that is suitable for all ages and levels of fitness and can be modified if you have an injury.

Why does it work?

Pilates strengthens your deep abdominal muscles – the transverse abdominis – that wrap the lower belly like a corset. Gradually strengthening these muscles provides support for your lower back and leads to a flatter stomach. Pilates also teaches you better postural alignment. This will lead to evenly distributed body weight so your body will work more efficiently and you are less likely to injure yourself. This is great if you are aiming to lose weight or get fitter because you can also use your Pilates skills during calorie burning exercises such as Zumba or Running.

Is it hard to do?

If you are new to Pilates you will learn the basic techniques at your first lesson. As your strength and body awareness improves you may want to increase the challenge, which is easy to do as each exercise has progressions to enable you to work harder when you feel ready.

Which class is right for you?

Our Beginners classes are a good starting point but you can join a Mixed Ability class if you book a brief introduction prior to the class. Each lesson plan is the same for everyone and each exercise has a beginner level. You choose to work at the level that is appropriate for you or to accommodate any injury or condition.

I really enjoy my weekly Pilates session. I find it so beneficial to my health. At my age I find the Pilates exercises easy to do and not overly demanding, but I still feel like I’m getting stronger and I’ve had no back pain since I started. I also enjoy meeting people and having a chat, it’s very sociable.” – Mrs L.Baker, Prudhoe

Please Contact Kirsty to discuss your requirements

Our Saturday 10am Mixed Ability class is suitable for any level of fitness.  

Or start slowly with a Beginners class – see full timetable


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