At Elementary Pilates, we do – and you will too

Your well-being is Elementary!

We ensure everyone benefits from Pilates regardless of fitness level or ability

Our passionate instructors will teach you the basics and help you build on those basics during each session.  We believe good posture and core strength are fundamental to your well-being and we help you understand why and how to achieve them in our friendly and relaxing Studio.

We keep our classes small so that we can work with each individual to modify exercises to accommodate your injuries or health concerns.  Even if you are in tip-top shape we will guide you during class and advise how to make your moves even better.   But we won’t push you to progress or move you from your preferred class – unless you want to.

For the super fit, regular exercisers we have classes that will stretch out and strengthen tired or overworked muscles and help you manage any training related aches or injuries.

Our aim is to ensure you understand, learn and enjoy the health benefits of Pilates.  We are sure you will grow to share our view that Pilates is so fundamental to our well-being – it’s Elementary!

December 2019 Timetable

Festive Season Schedule 2019/2020

Our full timetable will run at the Ryton Studio until (and including) Sunday 22nd December 2019.   We will be closed until Saturday 4th January, reopen at 9am. 

Our last class in Gosforth is Monday 16th December.

On behalf […]